Our goal to be one stop source of the industry bar requirements.

Our range of products cover more then 90% of steel bars market’s shape and size specification.


Ittehad Grade 40 Bars are made with international standards through top composition only to give you the mightiest steel. Our Deformed bars are widely used for construction of massive structures for reinforcing concrete, giving it tensile strength and other applications of masonry.


By using the perfect composition of Magnesium, Phosphorus and Sulphur, our Grade 60 Bars are non-weldable and available in various lengths and diameters to serve every construction requirement. We target the right mixt of Yield strength, Tensile strength and Elongation for maximum results


Manufactured through international Industry set parameters, Ittehad Twisted TOR steel Bars use corrosion resistance technology to give lifelong durability and strength for reinforcing concrete in buildings, roads and bridges etc. Our superior quality raw materials produce enhanced ductility compared to the traditional steels bars.


Our Round and Square bars are popular in machinery, fasteners and equipments production sector. Through precision straightening and mirror finish technology that comes second to none, our line of Plain steel bars is the pride of several machinery production companies throughout the nation

Stainless Steel

In order to produce the best high-performance Stainless Steel bars, we use end-to-end approach from composition of chemicals till the testing phase. Our Stainless steel products are produced with unrivalled quality and supreme consistency. Our purpose is to deliver high end performance and lifelong support.

Specialized Steel

Ittehad Steel is no stranger to alloys. We create enhanced steel pipes and rods for manufacturing of different instruments, machinery and equipment that are bound to special weight, strength and heat resistance factors. Our Specialized Steel is engineered to last with unparalleled performance.