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Size Grade 40 Grade 60
3/8, #3, 10mm 131,000.00 133,000.00
1/2, #4, 12mm 129,000.00 131,000.00
5/8, #5, 16mm 130,000.00 131,000.00
3/4, #6, 20mm 130,000.00 131,000.00
7/8, #7, 22mm 130,000.00 132,000.00
1″, #8, 25mm 130,000.00 132,000.00
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*All rates are in Rupees/Ton.

*All rates are ex-factory Islamabad.

*Other terms and conditions apply

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About Us

Ittehad Steel is a one of the largest and most respected private sector steel manufacturer in Pakistan.
We are recognized nationally as one of the few manufacturers of standardized and internationally accredited
structural steel products in Pakistan.

We are also exporters of steel products to Afghanistan,and were awarded the export performance
Award 2006 by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

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